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How does Sepomo direct carrier billing work?


1. When customers are ready to pay for your online goods or services they choose Sepomo as the payment option at checkout

2. They insert their mobile phone number

3. They then receive a pin number via SMS which they enter to complete the purchase

4. The amount is added to their mobile phone bill or deducted from their phone credit


Key features of Sepomo direct carrier billing

Easy to pay

Easy to pay

To pay for goods and services online just type in your mobile phone number and transactions will be charged to your mobile bill. No passwords, bank account or financial details are necessary.

Convenient to pay

Whether you are using your mobile, tablet or PC, you can pay for things 24×7 using your prepay or post pay mobile phone.


Secure payments worldwide

Secure to pay

Every month Sepomo and its partners securely process millions of payments for thousands of satisfied customers.